Meet magikarp

So today I’ve decided to do something silly, and I’ve made myself an IRC bot. So far it only saves links in neat fashion in the home dir file (already being useful), knows when stuff is awesome, repeats what it’s told to, and says time like a good clock. More to come :) Overall the project is just something fun to do while bored. I can’t always work on Warden (and next update is coming soon), and I learn things :]

Warden – 24h left

I’m almost done! The main game is mostly complete, I’ve added a high score system and screen that shows your highest 10 scores. To be added still are the Big Bad Boss, the game ending (I’ve decided that I don’t want an infinite game after all), and the help screen. I am considering doing some graphical niceties like blood spatters and less rigid fov, but that’s on ‘Would Be Nice If’ list.

So, it has come to this

I’ve failed with Artifact. The project I’ve envisioned for 7DRL Challenge is too large, too complex for my programming skills for now. Also my code base sucks. I’m putting Artifact on back-burner for undefined amount of time. But I want to revisit this idea sometime in the future, so not all is lost. King is asleep, long live the King No worries, after some rants on #rgrd and wasting a day, I’ve come up with an idea for a smaller scope game that I have a chance to finish on time, Saturday 11:45 CET.

Artifact, Update 1 (46h in)

It’s not going well. I have managed to split my codebase from firstrl (dead link) into several files, removed some things that I didn’t need and create a ‘global variable object’ that handles all the important thing I’ll have to have saved. The main problem right now? Game’s main logic is not flexible enough to handle several mouse-checking requests every libtcod frame. It is bad, I cannot make mouse movement work with what I have.

Ready, set, go!

As of now, 11:45 CET (GMT +1) 10th March 2012 I’m typing “git init” and start coding my 7DRL – Artifact. My previous plans of making daily updates may be unrealistic. Main goal updates feel more natural. If you are still interested in my game, check my previus post that explains what Artifact is supposed to be in seven days. Cheers! M.

On libtcod fog of war

Google is a curious device. It points its users to my blog post tagged ‘libtcod (dead link, go to ) fog of war’, despite it not having much to do with actual instructions on how that works. I’ve decided to write an actual post about it, so you won’t be disappointed next time you click the google link pointing to my blog. Read on if that’s why you’re here.