It’s been a long time…

I’ve been silent for some time (not that anyone missed me). If you read my posts before my database went to hell along with my server – I’ve finished the tutorial, and now I’m on my own in the realm of python + libtcod roguelike developement. Things are going along nicely, I sure have a lot of loose ends and unforseen (‘…consequences’) difficulties, bugs are popping up like daisies in spring, and I still don’t know a lot of stuff.

git git git

Just a quick update – I have not been working on the roguelike as much as I would like, but I have managed to set up a github account and repository. You can find it here: firstrl (dead link) Here’s the direct github adress: git:// (dead link) Feel free to explore the code (however it is not much more then tutorial code itself). I intend on making a fork when I finish the tutorial, to keep it ‘clear’ for anyone who would want to look at the tutorial code, and maybe flavour it my way on the fork.

At last, some work done

I managed to steal a few hours today, and done some ‘coding’. Actually if you count out all the procrastination maybe I had less then an hour… Point is, about a month ago I found this neat tutorial and decided to give it a spin. As you would imagine, I tend to copy-type everything into EMACS and bug-hunt for around twice that time. As counter-productive it may sound, I have noticed I begin to remember about those little things like 4-spaces and closing round brackets.

Hello world!

This would be my thought stream – where I share what I know and what I think with you, the internets. It will be personal, and subjective. I do welcome discussion and criticism where my work is involved. My only hope is to have at least one person who gains anything from this blog, and to continuously maintain it for as long as I can. I am a gamer. I play a lot, or rather used to play a lot.