7DRL 2012 Challenge Plans and Preparations

The 2012 [Seven Day Roguelike Challenge][1] is starting this weekend, and I’m ankles deep in preparations.

My entry will be Artifact (nobody has taken this name yet, really?), a game paying homage to the artifact mugs of Dwarf Fortress.


My main goals for the release are:

  1. A complete game with randomly generated dungeons, denzines,  artifacts, persistent guildhall (that will act as player’s ‘home base’). Essentially almost all content should be procedurally generated.

  2. Full mouse support, including menus and in-game interaction.

  3. Tackling the savegame system with a new database library.

  4. Utilizing my newfound data structure convention for the source code.

Some minor goals include:

  1. Sound and music.

  2. Statistics for the player, characters, artifacts.

  3. “Endgame” dungeon. [This might get pushed to major goals if time allows]


I’m in the middle of writing a design document (feel free to view and comment) and a roadmap that will guide me through the 7 days of code grind. I still have some things (namely the mouse support and database handling) that I need to tackle before actual challenge starts, so I wont get bogged in learning how to do it. And I have to find a dictionary for the name generator. Still lots to do before saturday!

For now I’ve made a python playground project (dead lik) where I’m figuring out the file structure and modules handling for more clarity in the code. Bye bye 17 KLOC script file (dead link). This should also help with porting the game to Windows from my Arch Linux dev environment.

Good luck!

I will try to make a blog post for every day of developement on this blog. I will make an announcements posts on the 7DRL community blog and the rgrd newsgroup for the start, 7D mark release and post challenge releases.

I’m very excited, and thrilled to take part in something like this. This is also my chance to actually finish my first game. Wish me luck :]