Artifact, Update 1 (46h in)

It’s not going well.

I have managed to split my codebase from firstrl (dead link) into several files, removed some things that I didn’t need and create a ‘global variable object’ that handles all the important thing I’ll have to have saved.

The main problem right now?

Game’s main logic is not flexible enough to handle several mouse-checking requests every libtcod frame. It is bad, I cannot make mouse movement work with what I have.

After a moment of ragequit I’ve decided that a problem that cannot be solved is not a problem and removed ‘full mouse support’ from my 7DRL plan. I’m going to tackle the this after the challenge by redesigning my application architecture. I’m still a programmer newbie, I have to cut my ambitions a little.

I don’t know if I’ll make it in time. With the work days starting today I have much less time to use geany, and gui IDE is required to handle the monster of a codebase I’ve created. We will see.

Have a picture. The background is by Sara, my artist.



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