Warden 1.1 Released


Most of the changes are of gameplay and UI polish nature. Still some things to do to do before I consider it ‘complete’, but it was time for another release (since last weekend, really).

Warden 1.1


*** Windows ***

*** Linux32 ***

*** Linux64 ***

*** source ***



  • “Level feeling message” that notifies you of what to expect on that level

  • On some levels there is a chance of encountering the Archdemon before you’re ready. You better run.

  • Page Up and Page Down now let you change the font size (note: remember that trying to go full screen on small screen with bigger font will crash the game. Cannot remedy that yet.)

  • Press ESC to access the game menu, (Quit/Restart)

  • Added some explanation about Stamina/Power mechanic to readme and help


  • Message colors make a bit more sense (not really)

  • Reduced player’s power stat, increased power stats of monsters

  • Reduced the number of potions and shards

  • Wide corridors are more common now

  • Finding all blade shards will now increase your power +3 permanently


  • Automatic screen resolution detection will work properly now, no GIANT windows anymore

  • Double highscore saving

  • Windows readme shouldn’t be manged anymore (was it?)****

Again – please play, comment and let me know what you think! Bug reports are very much welcome.



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