Privacy Policy


This page exists to explain what data is collected by and what I do with it. is a private blog, and is not involved in any enterprises I might be a part of, hence, to my knowledge and understanding it doesn’t fall under GDPR regulations.

It seems fair to let the visitors know what is happening when they browse this blog. is a static generated website, meaning most of the page your browser displays has been directly downloaded and not generated on the fly with JavaScript, or PHP. There really isn’t all that much going on.

What is collected

Data directly collected by this server is the visitor’s IP number, in form of an access and error log stored on a hard drive.
This data is stored for 7 days, then deleted. It is not backed up.
I only use the data for maintenance and debugging.

Third party

When you open this site it downloads the content from a server under my control, however the theme I’m using is also making your browser contact a few third party servers for general style sheets and fonts.
You can stop that behavior using your browser’s options and addons.

Generator privacy settings is generated using Hugo.
Hugo provides some privacy options for third party integrations and embedded content. The only ones I use are YouTube and Twitter - I’ve disabled all other integrations (as I wont use them anyway).

Here’s a short description of those options:

  • Twitter: Embedded tweets are not used for purposes that include personalized suggestions and personalized ads.
  • YouTube: YouTube won’t store information about visitors unless the user plays the embedded video.

Here’s direct copy of the settings mentioned, and you can read more about them here:

    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = false
    enableDNT = true
    disable = true
    disable = false
    privacyEnhanced = true