Michał Walczak ([ˈmixaw valtʂak]) or magikmw

Linux and Windows admin, IT dept leader

I sometimes write code, often troubleshoot issues, always tinker with systems and solve mysteries.

I’m a fan of system interactions, automation, methodical approach and history.

In video games I appreciate gameplay and stories that emerge from seemingly complex simulations or interesting multiplayer possibilities.

This website

It’s meant to document my projects, software and game development so far, but will also include deployment of services, hardware, networking, or anything related I might come up with.

Technically, it used to be a Wordpress site, but I moved to Hugo site generator in April 2018. Hosted on a prgmr.com VPS running Arch Linux since 2013.

Contact me

Professionally, please check my LinkedIn profile.

For questions or suggestions concerning my code, it’s probably fine to create an issue on the repo in my Github profile

Otherwise contact magikmw on any of those channels:

E-mail: at michalwalczak.eu
IRC: On Freenode or Quakenet networks