At last, some work done

I managed to steal a few hours today, and done some ‘coding’. Actually if you count out all the procrastination maybe I had less then an hour…

Point is, about a month ago I found this neat tutorial and decided to give it a spin. As you would imagine, I tend to copy-type everything into EMACS and bug-hunt for around twice that time. As counter-productive it may sound, I have noticed I begin to remember about those little things like 4-spaces and closing round brackets. I also learn a lot about game design problems and possible solutions, like FOV and instant-use library algorithms.

My main python script file is 9,2KB and 294 lines – and I still have no idea how 90% of it works at all.

Apparently I just invoked the power of fog of war and field of vision in my little RNG-powered dungeon of hashes and a lone, white @. Magic! [Yes, I do somehow feel like Wheatley.]


P.S. Oh, and I also found a very simple, yet efficent linux IRC client: Irssi. Progress.