Spaced \o/

After a really long break I took from dev and this blog I’ve decided to do some actual work again.

Behold, Spaced.

This is after a week of work separated by several weeks of inactivity.

Originally attempted for 7DFPS, severely overestimated my abilities, so now it’s just a small project I do on the side.

Written in python (source here), using SFML for graphics and input. The tech is called raycasting, and is twenty something years old, used among others by Wolfenstein 3D, called the grandfather of FPS games.

First implementation ran really slow, I have only managed to optimize it with help by Joshua Day, a #rgrd@quakenet regular. I seriously need to catch up with my math to be effective.

So far the video shows everything the game has to offer (magical semi-corporeal doors included), last two days I spent working out the HUD and all the player information that’s on-screen at the moment.

I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to invest into this, but I do want to see it done, at least to the minimum I’ve set up for 7DFPS. Stay tuned.

All the graphics by Sara Arbter, thank you!