Stabby 0h

Hello visitors,

As with last year, I’m taking part in the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge.

Last time my game was a simple twist on the roguelike formula, making it more into an action game than a deep tactical stuff. I’ve also used a modified code from the python+libtcod tutorial that almost everyone and they mother used by now. However, this was pretty much my first game jam, and I have been doing any coding for only about 6 months back then.

This year I have something more sophisticated in mind. Finding a strange void of stealth games (with few exceptions), I’ve decided to focus my game on that aspect of roguelike behaviour. However, it will be simplified for both gameplay reasons and developement time constraints I face with only 7 days to mess around. My most basic goals include:

  • Accessibility (no huge manual read-through needed)

  • Expandable gameplay (gameplay options revolve around equipment and special items player will be finding on the dungeon floor – adding one thing should mix things up a bit without much hassle)

  • Simplification of UI (I’m using my own sprites, so prepare for eyesore, yet most of the game info should be easily obtainable by looking at the screen, and I think that beside movement keys I’ll only need 6 others)

  • The game will be short, 5-6 dungeon levels. No use of dragging out.

As for starting base: I’m using my own engine I started working on about a week ago, you can find the code on my github page. Right now it includes sprite drawing, wall collision detection, edge-walls (unlike usual full cell walls), and half-broken recursive shadowcasting FOV algorithm that’s going to be my first priority to fix.

Language and libraries: C with SFML via CSFML. I intended to use libtcod, but the FOV algorithms are not fit to use with the kind of walls I have.

Alpha/Beta – I intend to release an AUR package for Arch users that wish to help me test this game out during the 7 days. More info here later, or catch me on irc: magikmw #rgrd @

Final build platforms include Arch Linux AUR, Windows and other Linux distributions if I mange to make them behave.

I’ll be starting at 22:59 UTC, that’s 23:59 UTC + 1 (my time).

Good luck to all (+200!) participants!