So, it has come to this

I’ve failed with Artifact. The project I’ve envisioned for 7DRL Challenge is too large, too complex for my programming skills for now. Also my code base sucks. I’m putting Artifact on back-burner for undefined amount of time. But I want to revisit this idea sometime in the future, so not all is lost.

King is asleep, long live the King

No worries, after some rants on #rgrd and wasting a day, I’ve come up with an idea for a smaller scope game that I have a chance to finish on time, Saturday 11:45 CET. Behold, the Warden.

I have no design docs this time around, as I got the idea in a morning shower and decided to go with it, improvising on the way.

This is the new sh*t.

The synopsis – You are a Grey Warden at the end of your days. As countless others before you, you step into the Deep Roads to take on your last quest – to destroy as many darkspawn as you can before collapsing to blows or the corruption that is running in your veins.

The game is (as may be obvious to some) based on the fluff from Dragon Age: Origins.

I have started the coding yesterday evening, 20:30, so this leaves me with about 63h from the start to finish.

I’m reusing my firstrl code with a couple of bug fixes that emerged during Artifact hacking.

I’ll write a bit more about the game if I find time.

For now – cheers,



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